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Theo Pods Hero Shot

Theo pods deliver the finest aroma, taste, and satisfaction of pure, smooth tobacco in four distinct flavors from natural nicotine procured without benzoic acid. Not only is each pod calibrated to align with the full charge of your Theo device, each flavor blend uses our proprietary FlavorTheory® technology for consistent flavor, taste, and vapor—ensuring that your device will continuously deliver a smooth, robust flavor with rich vapor from its first puff to its last.

Each 2ml flavor pod is available in varying nicotine levels: 0.6% 1.2% 1.8% and 2.4% NBW (Nicotine By Weight).

Theo pods group of flavors


Red Tobacco
This taste of bold Virgina tobacco offers a uniquely woody flavor and a robust sensation reminiscent of a full-bodied classic cigarette.

Rich Tobacco
Similar to the flavor profile of a cigar, this is the ultimate sophistication in tobacco taste with complexities derived from a rich blend of Virginia, Oriental, and Burley tobaccos previously found only in high-quality cigars.

Menthol Blast
Our stimulating blend of cooling mint and tobacco delivers a refreshing menthol experience. 

Menthol Ice
An invigorating storm of clean, crisp mint with a chilly cold, fresh finish. 

Pure Tobacco
A smooth, light delivery of the refined taste and aroma of natural tobacco.

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Theo Flavored Pods Features:
> Ergonomic design
> FlavorTheory® technology

What’s in the Box:
> 3 Pods of your favourite flavor

How to Use the Theo Flavored Pods:
Pod-based units require only a cartridge to both contain and vaporize e-liquid, making the pod system a self-contained, maintenance-free device. To begin use, insert the pod into the charged vaping device. Draw air in through the mouthpiece to activate the heating process, turning the e-liquid into vapor. To start, we recommend small inhalations to get a feel for the vapor and nicotine sensation before titrating up to a full inhalation.


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