Greensmoke Replacements

Tobacco giant Altria has discontinued all Green Smoke and Mark Ten products as of December 2018, including e-cigarettes, vapors, kits, cartridges and Verve oral nicotine products. According to the company’s website, the decision resulted from a combination of financial concerns and regulatory restrictions. Altria has set its sights on buying a stake of e-cigarette powerhouse, Juul, a company that now has more than 75% of the market but that has come under fire from the FDA.

After a difficult year in which Altria’s shares plummeted 24%, CEO Howard Willard said it was time to “refocus our resources.”

Where does this leave Green Smoke consumers?

Dedicated Green Smoke customers are already feeling the fallout. Internet forums are awash with people wondering where to go now to buy e-cigarettes and cartridges.

The good news is that while Green Smoke may have abandoned its customers, former Greensmoke employees haven’t. Theoreon is an independent, electronic cigarette company comprised of former Green Smoke executives. Theoreon’s flavors are almost identical to the ones Green Smoke customers are used to, with Pure Tobacco, Menthol Blast and Red Tobacco ready to replace Classic, Menthol Ice and Signature Red for the Green Smoke users to enjoy.

Theoreon’s cartridges and kits are completely compatible with Green Smoke products and there’s no compromise on the quality. But Theoreon’s products are more than just a replacement or duplicate for Green Smoke. They will not only act as a great substitute for the Green Smoke product you know and love but may even remind you of the good old green smoke from before the big corporate takeover.

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