Frequently asked questions

Theoreon products are designed to work together, in order to give the user the best possible vaping experience. Using Theoreon products with non Theoreon products may be unsafe, and is not advised.

Customers should note that damage caused by using Theoreon products with another brand’s products may invalidate the warranty

Theoreon cartomizers come in six flavor blends:

Pure Tobacco: The finest aroma, taste, and satisfaction of pure smooth tobacco.

Red Tobacco: Searching for an alternative to the classic cigarette? Look no more! Red Tobacco provides the same robust flavor and taste.

Rich Tobacco: Indulge in the most complex taste of Rich Tobacco- A rich blend of Virginia, Oriental and Burley tobacco previously found only in high quality cigars. Until now.

Menthol Blast: A stimulating blend of cool menthol and tobacco perfection provides you with a refreshing smoking experience.

Coffee Aroma: Perfect for starting your day or for when the afternoon drags on and on… The invigorating taste of a freshly roasted coffee bean cappuccino.

Vanilla Breeze: Enjoy yourself with the flavor and bouquet of delicious flavor of Vanilla beans and flowers – satisfaction guaranteed!

We also offer a variety pack Variety Pack: Add variety to your day! Choose from 5 of our favorite flavors and enjoy the best tasting e-cigarettes all day long!

Clean product with a dry cloth.
Keep the product dry. Do not immerse in liquid for any reason.
Store the product in a clean, dry, cool place. Do not store them in high temperatures or near fire or flames.
Do not leave the product unattended where children or pets could gain access.
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